House Rules

Members and their guests must, at all times, treat all other members, guests and members of club staff with the utmost respect and shall not carry out any act or behaviour which may cause any disrepute to another member, guest, the club, the company or the United Kingdom.

Members and their guests are required to be attired in a clean and tidy manner when in the club. No drunkenness, bad language, violent or abusive behaviour, or other misconduct is permitted on the club premises. All members shall before leaving the club premises on each visit pay in full all charges incurred by them or their guests whether in respect of food, beverages or any other matter.

A shared understanding of behaviour is essential to creating a safe and welcoming time. Having fun is always encouraged; being inappropriate is not. If members or their guests are found abusing alcohol or drugs, or behaving in a way that upsets other members, action will be taken. No smoking or vaping of any kind is allowed inside at any time. The Harley Lounge reserves the right to prohibit or limit smoking in any external area of the House premises at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.

All members and their guests are required to abide by The Harley Lounge by laws and rules. Failure do so may lead to suspension or withdrawer of your membership. To familiarise yourself with the rules, please click here. Please note that that the club rules and by-laws may be updated at any time and all members will be informed via email.

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